Mission & Vision Statement

At Art Freiler School We Believe: 
•That safety for the students, parents and staff will be our highest priority. 
•That students should show courtesy and respect for all school staff and each other, throughout the school year.
•That students will leave our school with a life-long love and excitement of learning with an ability to put that learning to use. 
•That teachers, and students will utilize technology in conjunction with regular classroom work.
•That there should be a school and community partnership with an “open-door” feeling. 

Vision Statement:

We envision an Art Freiler School, which produces responsible and respectful citizens. As a center of innovation, learning and up-to-date technology, Freiler will be the connecting link between home and community.
Freiler students will realize that learning is a life-long commitment supported by dedicated staff and concerned parents, but only filled to its potential as the learners become responsible for the learning